What Clients Say

Cathy provides a safe and loving container within which to discover one's gifts and talents.  She provides effective tools to identify things that block the fullest expression of our greatest joy and fulfillment, while providing the right balance of encouragement and accountability to keep one moving in the direction of the heart’s desires. Through working with Cathy, I was able to attain a deeper level of self-love and self-care, let go of non-serving beliefs and move forward toward my goals with ease and inspired action. As a result, I was able to achieve three important professional milestones, including launching a new business.

Christina Morrin, Entrepreneur

Cathy is a gifted and insightful coach. She is a wonderful listener and has such a loving, supportive, positive presence. I feel like she both meets me where I am with total acceptance and also is willing to challenge me to reach for my dreams, which I might not have the courage to do alone. Cathy helped me break down an overwhelming goal into manageable steps that led to big changes. Since working with her, I have gotten a new job in a new field that I had been intimidated to pursue. Thanks to her support, I am proud to say that I am really following my career dreams!

Pamela M., Psychotherapist

Cathy is amazing! Through working with her, I have finally come to feel more like my true self.  Her gentle guidance helps me to untangle the thoughts, feelings and fears in my head so I can process them and move on from a stuck space in a single session. Cathy helped me to identify and let go of beliefs and defense mechanisms that no longer serve me.  She helped me explore what I stand for and what is—and is not—okay with me. I found the strength to leave a toxic work place and, in turn, found my dream job. I'm loving and respecting myself and am feeling more sure of myself. I've grown in my spirituality, which has brought back a confidence that I haven't felt in many years.

Melissa D., Engineering Designer

I came to Cathy looking for a “soul coach.”  As a result of our work together, I was able to clarify my values, passions and purpose and to learn to quickly and intentionally align my thoughts and actions with them. I now feel centered in my power and am living more authentically, freely, creatively and passionately. Cathy was a wonderful guide, companion and support on this fabulously rewarding journey.  

- Marci W., Educator


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